Mystery Boxes

Discover the surprises and draw rare products that are not even in the shop!

worth 75€
SILVER // €49.99

With the SIILBER Edition we offer you the opportunity to experience an entry into the world of mystery boxes. For just €49.99 you get a box that has a value of at least €75 . Of course, the exact contents of the box remain a surprise.

Worth €175
GOLD // €99.99

With the GOLD Edition you have the opportunity to really dust off. You will receive a box with a value of at least €175. Let the content surprise you.

PLATINUM // €199.99

For real Japan fans and JDM lovers we offer the Mysterbox in the platinum edition. Items valued at over €350 make every heart beat faster. You can definitely look forward to super cool products!


⚠️ Please note that T-shirts and hoodies are only available from the Gold Edition onwards.

This is of course a surprise. But stay tuned, there might be a surprise that you can't even find in our shop.
In the silver edition you get the basics (e.g. stickers, keychains), while the gold or platinum edition includes items that are no longer available in the shop (exclusive hoodies, hats, etc.).

You can see the actual value of the Mystery Box next to the product image. You will definitely save a lot!

The shipping takes a little longer than usual due to the individualized composition, especially for gold & platinum. But don't worry, your packages will still reach you in a short time.

Your reasons could be:

  • Surprise factor: Our Mystery Boxes offer you the opportunity to be surprised.
  • Exclusivity: Our Mystery Boxes can contain exclusive or limited products that are not otherwise available.
  • Low price: Our Mystery Boxes have a lower price than the sum of the individual products in the box.

We want to offer our products to fans of the JDM and Japan scene with every budget. The more the box costs, the more items and the more you can save. It's also more likely that there will be a rare item that we don't actually have in the shop.

Maybe there's a t-shirt or hoodie in your box.

Finally they are here! Our exclusive mystery boxes for fans of Japanese culture and the Japanese automobile! We have tried to put together a unique collection of clothing and accessories that will delight any enthusiast.

Each box contains a selection of handpicked products that have been carefully selected by us. These include t-shirts, hoodies, caps, keychains and much more, all designed in a Japanese style.

With each box opened, the excitement of surprises and the joy of receiving unique products await you. Be enchanted by the Japanese culture and become a part of it. Grab it now and experience the excitement of the Mystery Boxes.