Rules JDMapproved Brand Team

1. Honesty

The Brand Team Members have to report honestly about the products. No attempt should be made to exaggerate or disguise the performance or characteristics of any product

2. No false statements

No false advertising promises or false exclusivity.

3. Spam Ban

Spam is prohibited on all platforms.

4. Liability is not liable for any damage or loss that may arise in connection with the affiliate program. is in no way liable for the legal conformity of the activities of affiliate participants. The affiliate participant must inform himself about the legal basis as an affiliate participant. By accepting the rules, the applicant excludes any liability towards JDMapproved.

5. Commissions

The commission is currently 10% on the recommended turnover and is only paid out if the affiliate participant acts faithfully and a proper recommendation is actually made. always has the option to increase or decrease commissions without the consent of the affiliate participants.

6. Termination reserves the right to terminate participants in the affiliate program with immediate effect if they do not act in accordance with or violate the rules. Each participant has the right to withdraw from the affiliate program with immediate effect.

7. Penalty for Violation issues a warning for minor violations. If the rules are repeatedly violated, the commission will be reduced by 50%.
In serious cases, the affiliate account will be blocked, the participant terminated and the account deleted.

8. Instagram account

As long as the participant is a member of the "JDMapproved Brand" affiliate program, the participant's Instagram account must be "public" visible on Instagram.

9. WhatsApp group

With the application, the participant has the opportunity to join the exclusive WhatsApp Brand Team group.